How to Boost Your Employee Satisfaction and Decrease the Number of Sick Days


The environment that a person works in unconditionally has an effect on their overall satisfaction. Whether it is a hard labor job, office job, retail job or virtually any other type of job, the environment in which you place your employees, influences their productivity, satisfaction, willingness to stay, attitude, health and their overall wellbeing. Everything from internal employee communication and lighting to the rest of the work environment contribute to employee satisfaction. However, the cleanliness of your business effects everyone just the same including you, your customers and your employees. Maintaining a clean business has more of an effect than most may consider. Not only does a clean business boost employee morale, but it also reflects on you as a company and your willingness to go above and beyond.

Commercial cleaning services are the best and most beneficial way to make certain that your employees are happy, customers are impressed and your business is thriving. Janitorial services include window cleaning, office cleaning, floor cleaning and more to ensure that your workspace is sanitary, smells great and looks even better. Here are a few ways that hiring a professional cleaning company can help you and your business:

1) Less Sick Days for Your Employees
Less sick days for your employees means more productivity for your company. A professional cleaning company offers thorough cleaning services that you can’t find anywhere else. According to ISSA, which is the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, employee sick days cost companies $225.8 Billion on average per year. Maintaining a clean work environment also reduces the chance of employees catching the common cold and influenza by nearly 80 percent.

2) Boosts Morale & Productivity
According to ISSA, keeping your workplace environment clean will cause a 2-8% increase in productivity among employees. This works out to be $125,000 in savings on average. Increased productivity not only helps your company bring in more revenue, but successful companies also attract more employees so that your business can grow and thrive!

3) Shows That You Care
Employees want to work for a company that cares about their best interests. Through regular professional cleaning, your workplace environment will be clean, sanitary and smell amazing. It is no secret that a clean space makes people happier than working in a smelly, dirty workplace. Show you care by hiring reliable, professional cleaners for your business.

4) Carpets and Other Investments Last Longer
Enlisting commercial cleaning services ensures that your investments will last longer. Reliable janitorial services will keep your carpets shampooed and maintained so that they remain plush, allergen-free and look amazing. Floor cleaning services ensure that your tile floors and wood floors are properly maintained to save you a lot of money in the long run.

These are just a few of the many benefits that commercial cleaning has to offer. Overall, there are no negatives to enlisting janitorial services from a professional for your business. It is an overall cost-effective, business boosting and beneficial way to improve employee satisfaction and impress clients and customers. Plus, it reflects well on your company. Call Integrity Service Companies today if you are looking for a reliable commercial cleaning business. We provide our commercial cleaning services throughout the U.S. including Boston, MA,Manchester, NH, Miami, FL, Locust Valley, NY, Fort Lauderdale, FL and beyond!