Smart Cleaning: What it is and Why it Works?

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Is your company worried about the increasing costs of running a business while also maintaining a high level of excellency? Are you trying to figure out where you can cut costs in the most efficient manner?

Well, Smart Cleaning may be your answer. Although janitorial services can not clean your business to the same extent while charging less, they can create a strategic plan that targets the most important tasks at hand. We understand the challenges and struggles of today’s business world and we are willing to customize a cleaning solution for you.


Smart Cleaning does not simply mean we will do less work because you are paying less. With Smart Cleaning, janitorial services work to create a plan that focuses on three major aspects.

  1. What NEEDS to be done.
  2. What tasks MAY be reduced.
  3. What CAN be done more efficiently.


With Smart Cleaning, you are making an investment that will help reduce costs in the long run. Your cleaning service is going to research your facility, the building’s use and traffic patterns, the areas of highest interest, and the tools to best complete the job.

Smart Cleaning works because it balances NEEDS with BUDGET. A company should never compromise the cleanliness of their facility because they need to save money.

Smart Cleaning will use tools such as Team Cleaning, Chemical Dispensing Systems, and Color Coded Microfibers. Team Cleaning separates your facility into zones and assigns specific cleaners to each zone. Team Cleaning will result in mastery of the job and reduction of time spent continually assigning different people to different jobs. Chemical Dispensing Systems and Color Coded Microfibers both are investments that will create efficiency and speed. With a CDS in place, you will not have to worry about restocking, storage, or mixing errors. In the long run, your business (and our cleaning services) benefit from this. As well, Color Coded Microfibers are specific cleaning clothes that are color coded for a specific region (red for toilets, blue for windows). This will reduce the amount of time it takes to clean and it will avoid costly cross contamination problems.

Smart Cleaning works to create cleaning efficiency without breaking your budget.