Infographic: How Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service Helps Prevent Flu Season

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Each year, flu season quickly sneaks up on us and before you know it, everyone around us seems to be sick with influenza. From owning a restaurant to a hotel to an office space, the cleanliness of your facility is important for many reasons. However, the welfare of others remains at the top. To ensure your employees and patrons are in a safe and comfortable environment, you must demonstrate strong hygiene throughout your business. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you’re securing your patrons health while protecting your establishment simultaneously. Here are a few fun facts about flu season and the dangers that come along with it.

Financial Trouble

The total annual economic burden imposed by influenza in the United States costs around $87 million dollars. Almost $16 billion has been lost in earnings due to illnesses such as the flu. Don’t let your business lose out because you weren’t able to keep your workers healthy. Allow a professional cleaning service to come in and clean up germs that would lead to sickness.

Contaminated Objects

One of the biggest issues in an establishment is that everyone is sharing everything throughout the day. Through a domino effect, each person has touched another through a different object. Frequently touched objects including keyboards, tables, desks, sinks, doors and phones. These objects can spread disease around your business and contaminate others. Before you know it, your entire office will be out sick. Your employees shouldn’t have to worry about each individual object and the bacteria that comes along with it. Hire a cleaning service to allow your business to work to it’s best abilities and power through flu season.

Protecting Yourself and Others

Make sure your patrons and employees know the basics of personal hygiene. Washing your hands is extremely important to keeping yourself healthy as it washes away germs and bacteria. Inform your business of current sicknesses going around. When it comes to influenza, even the smallest interaction can cause illness. Influenza is an airborne disease that we can spread from person to person even by simply shaking someone’s hand. Make sure you remind colleagues to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing and let employees taking a sick day if they aren’t feeling well.

What Will a Professional Cleaning Company Do?

Hiring a professional cleaning company will not only make your company a better, healthier environment, but also will make your employees and patrons feel more safe. By hiring a cleaning service, you helping stop germs that come along with the flu before they even start. Protecting your business from illnesses such as influenza and the common cold will protect those from health risks, as well make your company better as a whole. If you are considering hiring a professional cleaning company, please contact Integrity Services here on our website.