How Frequently Should a Carpet Be Cleaned?

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A dirty carpet is never an attractive feature of any storefront, hotel, or business.

The common myth being, the more you clean your carpeting, the shorter its life. This is completely false. A dirty carpet is filled with dirt, grime, and debris that not only causes an unappealing look, but creates an unappealing smell. As well, the dirt that is built up in your carpet will act as sandpaper, breaking down your carpet and fibers everytime you walk on it. It is important to regularly clean your carpet to maintain its appearance, quality, and to achieve its fullest life.  

The frequency of carpet cleaning all depends on the location of your carpet. The cleaning schedule of a hotel front lobby will be much different than the cleaning schedule of the hotel staff offices. The frequency and importance of carpet cleaning should be ranked by the traffic your carpet faces.


To remove dirt from your carpet, vacuuming must be done regularly and slowly. In back and forth motions, for about 15-20 minutes per 300 square feet, your cleaner should be vacuuming out the dirt and debris of your carpet.

How often should this be done?

  • For high traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways, and entrances, your carpets should be vacuumed daily.
  • For low traffic areas such as offices and corridors, vacuuming should take place 3-4 times a week.


Preventive Cleaning

A Preventing Cleaning Schedule is the most effective way to maintain your carpets quality. This means, you will have your carpet professionally cleaned at set time intervals.

  • For heavy traffic areas your carpet should be cleaned at least once a month. Dependant on when your building and carpet space endures heavy traffic, this may need to be increased.
  • For low traffic areas, like offices and conference rooms, your carpets should be cleaned 4 times  per year.

Of course, every building and carpet setting is unique. Experienced staff at Integrity Services can assess your company and compose a unique Preventive Cleaning Schedule that will guarantee to keep your carpet at its best quality.