The Hidden Message of a Dirty Bathroom

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“When you stand to lose 30% of your customers because of your bathrooms, it’s an investment you can’t afford to avoid.”

A recent study by Harrison Interactive found that the appearance of restrooms at your business has more of an impact than you’d expect. In fact, 88% of people in the poll who had encountered a dirty restroom thought it was a reflection of the business’ cleanliness as a whole (eTundra). For restaurants, this could reflect unsanitary kitchens, or for a hotel, it might reflect dirty bed sheets and linens. The appearance of your restrooms plays a major role in how a customer view your business as a whole, and should not be overlooked.

Almost 30% of customers who encountered a dirty or under stocked bathroom said that alone was enough to make them never return. And 50% of these customers are likely to talk about (or even share on social media!) the conditions of the bathroom when sharing their opinion of business. For industries like the restaurant business, which have nearly $800 billion in sales each year, losing those loyal customers and the opportunity to gain new customers can be devastating.

Most guests (78%) find restaurants to try based on recommendations from their friends. However, the second most popular way guests find new restaurants was through social media.” (Toast)

Think about it, if you are at a friend’s house and their bathroom has no toilet paper, paper towels all over the floor, and a foul stench, you would relate that to the uncleanliness of the owner. If a hotel, apartment complex, or restaurant doesn’t bother to clean its restrooms, image what else is not being monitored or cleaned properly.

Simple solutions including routine professional cleanings, stocked toiletries, and air fresheners can have a big impact on a customer’s view of a restroom. Cleaning services will use proper equipment and safe chemicals for a deep and lasting clean that customers notice. Investing a small amount of money into the cleanliness of your restrooms will have a significant impact on the customer’s experience, and their overall view of your business.