How Your Hotel Can Benefit from Turnkey Housekeeping Operations

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It comes at no surprise that cleanliness in the hotel industry is essential to positive guest experience and financial success. Maintaining a smart strategy for turnkey housekeeping operations is essential, but figuring out the right strategy can be difficult.

One option is to outsource your cleaning needs to a turnkey housekeeping provider. Outsourced turnkey housekeeping companies can assist with managing all aspects of the housekeeping division.

Continue reading to learn how turn-key housekeeping operations can help your hotel.

Provides expertise

A turnkey housekeeping firm with years of experience provides specialization and expertise unlike an in-house department. Because of this, day-to-day tasks and larger projects are completed faster and more efficiently. A housekeeping provider can easily stay informed on the best cleaning methods or green cleaning products. This ensures that your hotel housekeeping will meet industry standards. 

Saves money

Cutting costs is one of the primary reasons many hotels choose to outsource their housekeeping. Outsourcing the housekeeping division not only saves on wages and makes it easier for hotel management, but it also cuts the cost of labor for training, insurance, and benefits.

Accountability for each step

From recruiting to hiring to managing, a turn-key cleaning company takes care of every step along the way. They provide the cleaning products, equipment, and uniforms so you don’t have to. In 2016, the turnover rate in the hospitality industry was over 70% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Outsourcing the housekeeping division helps to save on recruiting and training costs that you would normally have to cover. 

Provides insurance and workers compensation

A quality cleaning organization will have their own insurance in case a staff member is injured on the job or if something is damaged. They can provide workers compensation to cleaning staff members who are unable to work and often provide additional benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans for their staff.

You can focus attention on other divisions

Eliminating housekeeping from management’s worries provides more time to focus on other areas such as marketing or guest services. This extra time can be invested into client facing services in order to provide the best customer experience for your guests.

Utilizing turnkey housekeeping operations is one strategy for maintaining cleanliness in your hotel. With over 20 years of cleaning experience, Integrity Services has the expertise to assist you in all of your hotel housekeeping needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment if you think a turnkey service is the right choice for your hotel.