5 Tips to Attract Millennials Into The Cleaning Industry

Millennials at Coffee Shop

In a few years the cleaning industry is expected see a high number of job vacancies as baby boomers begin to retire. In order to fill these job openings, the cleaning industry will have to attract millennials into the workforce.

While some companies heavily invest in social media and recruitment agencies to attract young adults, they ignore the basic organizational changes needed to engage and retain millennials.

Read below for 5 essential tips to attract millennials into the cleaning industry.

1. Be tech-savvy

Unsurprisingly, millennials seek tech-savvy employers. Instead of using a pen and paper to track hours and projects, invest in management software that lets employees view their schedule and assignments on their phone. Promoting the use of tech-savvy tools will help catch the eye of millennials.

2. Promote sustainability

Many millennials are environmentally conscious. They actively look for companies that use green practices or promote sustainability in their workplace. Engaging in green practices such as reduced energy use, recycling, or using green cleaning products is a great way to attract millennials to your business. But it’s not enough to just maintain green practices. Companies also need to actively promote sustainability through their website content, social media posts, and job postings.

3. Offer professional development

According to a Gallup poll, 87% of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job. Luckily, there are many ways to encourage professional growth. Some options include tuition reimbursement for certifications or mentorship programs that pairs supervisors with entry level employees. Providing opportunities, such as access to conferences or classes, for professional development shows staff that you are invested in their future.

4. Provide a positive company culture

Promote a fun and exciting company culture that gives back to the community. Today, millennials are less likely to be attracted to traditional benefits. They are more interested in a company culture that speaks to their values. Millennials seek out companies that inspire them to get involved. Organizing events that give back to the community is a great way to get young people interested in your business.

5. Listen to their voices

The millennial generation generally seeks more engagement from supervisors so take the time to listen to what employees have to say. Many young people want to feel like their work is important and makes a difference. Talk about the importance of the cleaning industry today and how it contributes to the success of the businesses you work with.