4 Reasons Why Restaurant Customers Value Cleanliness as Much as Food

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When going out to eat, it’s all about the experience. From the food to the service, customers take into consideration many things when choosing a restaurant. One of the most important factors diners think of is cleanliness.

A study by P & G found the cleanliness of a business is an important factor for over 90% of Americans when deciding whether they will be repeat customers. Why is being clean so important to restaurant customers? Keep reading for four reasons why customers value cleanliness as much as food during a restaurant experience.

It’s good customer service

Cleanliness is an essential part of customer service.  Making sure each guest has a clean eating area is almost as important as bringing out the right food. It shows that you care and want your customers to have a good time while they are dining. A clean establishment is also important in making a good first impression on guests and helps to boost customer loyalty.

It represents the safety of the food

When dining at a restaurant that appears dirty, customers are going to associate that with poor kitchen sanitation and might be concerned over the safety of the food they are consuming. No diner wants to be worried that the servers and cooks handling their food are covered in germs.

Food safety problems are damaging to large chains and especially to local businesses whose reputations can become greatly damaged by a food safety scandal. A regular and thorough cleaning of the kitchen and dining area reduces pathogens from spreading to consumers.

It is a part of the restaurant’s ambiance

While dining out is about food, it is also about the experience of going out to eat. Customers decide on one restaurant over the other because of the menu, but also because of the feeling, or the ambiance, the restaurant creates. A clean facility is essential for maintaining the restaurant’s ambiance. Sticky booths, dirty floors, or dusty lights disrupt that atmosphere, making customers feel uncomfortable.

It reflects on your business as a whole

Lastly, a dirty restaurant reflects on the way the establishment is run overall. As mentioned above, seeing an unclean facility leads to questions of food safety and concerns over how well the restaurant is managed. Customers might begin to question whether management is invested in customer and employee safety. Both the surfaces areas that customers can see and the areas they can’t see should be regularly cleaned to demonstrate the business’s dedication to safety.

The bottom line is diners can let go of a bad waiter or not-so-great meal, but most likely won’t forget about an unclean environment.  Working with a professional cleaning company is an investment in the reputation and safety of your business.

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