5 Myths To Know About Hotel Housekeeping Before You Travel This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is coming up which means Americans are going to be traveling and staying at hotels across the country. One of the most important factors to guests, while they are staying at a hotel, is the cleanliness of their room. Keep reading for 5 myths about hotel housekeeping you should know before your travel this season.

Myth: Housekeepers will ignore your requests

Housekeepers have experience working with hundreds of customers so they know how to help you feel comfortable. Many housekeepers will honor your requests such as if you ask for additional towels, blankets or glasses. Housekeepers also make sure to leave your personal belongings or other objects in the room the way you left them so you always feel at home during your stay.

Myth: You don’t need to tip housekeepers

Tipping while on vacation is confusing and many guests wonder who they need to tip while they are staying at a hotel. Housekeepers along with waiters, bartenders, and bellhops are personnel you should tip. Housekeeping is a physically demanding job that is essential to the overall experience of staying at a hotel. Show your appreciation for your housekeeper’s hard work by leaving a tip of $3-$5 per night, depending on the cost of the hotel room.

Myth: Housekeepers always get to keep the gratuity

At many hotels, if guests leave cash on the desk or pillow for a tip, it is considered the guest’s lost money and is returned to the front desk. To make sure that the housekeeper gets the tip, guests should place it in an envelope labeled for the housekeeper.

If you chose to leave one tip on the last day of your stay, there’s a chance the housekeeper who was cleaning your room is not scheduled, In that case, someone else will get to keep the tip. In order to make sure your housekeeper receives it, leave a smaller tip each day instead of one big one at the end.

Myth: Hotels do not care how well the rooms are cleaned

Since hotel room cleanliness is so important to guests, reputable hotels care about how well the rooms are cleaned. Even hotels at lower price points value their guests and want to provide the best possible stay.

Making sure all housekeepers are properly trained and equipped with the right cleaning products is a responsibility that hotels take seriously. Many hotels choose to outsource housekeeping work to commercial cleaning providers, like Integrity Services, who are specialized and highly skilled in sanitation techniques to ensure guest safety.

Myth: Housekeepers always use dangerous chemicals

While some housekeepers are required to use chemicals that contain harmful chemicals, some cleaning providers choose products that contain fewer dangerous ingredients. Integrity Services is dedicated to using green-friendly cleaning products that are free from hazardous chemicals to protect employees, guests, and the environment.

Integrity Services provides cleaning services to a wide range of industries including the hotel industry. If you are looking to improve the cleaning efficiency of your business, contact us to schedule a review of your cleaning needs.