5 Myths About Working With a Staffing Company

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When you think about a staffing company, what comes to mind? Chances are you’ve heard about staffing companies before, but you may have heard some misconceptions about what they do. We’re here to set the record straight on the common myths about what staffing firms offer to businesses. Keep reading for five staffing company myths that you deserve to know the real truth about.

Myth 1: Staffing companies only fill entry-level jobs

You may have previously believed that staffing companies only work with entry-level candidates; however, they actually work with employees at all experience levels. Whether your business is looking for an entry-level housekeeper or experienced waitstaff, a staffing agency can set you up with a great candidate. Staffing firms have databases filled with experienced employees to help client’s fill jobs beyond just entry-level positions.

Myth 2: Employees are unskilled for their positions

If you thought that employees from staffing companies are unskilled or unprepared, think again. Workers from staffing firms go through skill testing, background checks, and reference checks to ensure that they are all qualified candidates. This process allows staffing providers to ensure each employee is reliable and capable of performing the job’s responsibilities.  

Myth 3: Staffing companies don’t offer employee training

Not only do staffing companies make sure that candidates are dependable, but they also often provide additional training so workers can excel in all areas of the job. With client satisfaction as the crux of their business, many firms provide continual training courses to keep employees constantly improving. Integrity Services trains employees to succeed in areas such as problem-solving, quality control and more.

Myth 4: Staffing agencies are too expensive

While staffing companies typically charge a service fee to clients, in the long-run a staffing company will typically cut overall costs for clients. They do this by reducing the costs spent on employee benefits, HR administration, and the cost of managing and training employees, which is done by the staffing firm. In addition, staffing companies help their clients match their workforce with their workload so they are never paying unneeded staff. For example, businesses can keep fewer employees on staff during the slow season and use a staffing firm to recruit temporary employees during the busy season.

Myth 5: Staffing companies only fill temporary positions

Staffing companies do fill temporary job positions, however, many also offer permanent staffing solutions. Staffing firms select an employee for a job opening based on the client’s immediate need, but they also keep in mind whether the employee could fit with the client for the long-term. Clients that end up liking the employee often have the opportunity to hire them permanently.

After reading all of these common misconceptions, what comes to mind when you think about staffing firms now? With these busted myths, it’s clear that staffing companies offer numerous benefits to both clients and employees and work to make sure all parties succeed. Integrity Services offers staffing solutions for general labor positions in the housekeeping and food and beverage industries. Our employees are qualified to cover a wide range of needs including general janitorial services, office cleaning services and more. If your business is ready to take advantage of a staffing company, contact us to get started.