More than Just Cleaning: Hotel Housekeeping Improves Guest Happiness


As hotel budgets skyrocket to improve the guest experience in this era of digital media, instant feedback, and constant connectivity, management is more concerned than ever with the image and impact of their accommodations. And, according to a new survey from the professional division of Miele, the bedroom has the most influential effect on the guest experience. 


As beautifully designed as these rooms can be — renovations can cost anywhere from $3,000 per room to upwards of $16,000 — it’s the housekeeping crew that shoulders the burden of maintaining these rooms to look their very best for as long as possible. That’s why, according to Miele, 73% of hotel housekeepers now believe they are also responsible for guest happiness. 


Training for Upgrades 

Housekeeping crews are, at their core, accountable for cleaning a room top to bottom as needed by guests and per hotel standards. But, their responsibilities have grown over the years to include more than that. 


As we’ve mentioned, hotels spend thousands on upgrades, and you want your investments in lobbies, hallways, and rooms to last. Housekeepers that understand how to properly clean and maintain the upgraded technology and materials present in each room — computer equipment, touch-free bathroom modules, HDTVs, silk bedding, etc. — can make a huge difference to both guest happiness and the longevity of your renovation investment. 


Prioritize your training to include these lessons:

  • Check the mattress to ensure it is still at peak comfort and cleanliness.
  • Test appliances to ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Check Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, as well as TV and remote control functionality.
  • Maintain art along walls with dusting and proper cleansing.
  • Know which cleaning solutions to use to decrease wear and maintain luster on all surfaces.


Creating Memorable Moments

Travel can be stressful without the conveniences of home. Housekeeping crews that are trained to anticipate guest needs before they become an issue are invaluable to creating a more comfortable, happier guest experience and increasing your clients’ perception of value.


Standard training should teach crews to notice the little things — like an almost-empty toothpaste tube or a TV remote low on batteries. If your guest can come back to their room and not have to reach out to room service, this convenience creates a memorable moment in which they appreciate even more the lengths to which your housekeeping staff — and by extension, hotel — has gone to make their stay perfect.


A few suggestions and examples:

  • If a guest regularly uses the fitness center, provide a few extra bottles of water in ice. 
  • A family will always need extra towels and pillows. 
  • If a guest is sick, leave extra tissues and a “Get Well” note offering hotel resources.
  • Set out a hotel-stocked newspaper or magazine to take with them after checkout, with a note wishing them safe travels.


Improving Guest Happiness

At Integrity Services, we train our staff members on how to recognize opportunities to go above and beyond to improve guest happiness and satisfaction. Contact us to get started with Integrity Services today.