5 Tips Your Cleaning Crew Wants You to Know


Being a part of a commercial cleaning crew can include odd hours and even odder requests, but being a part of your business can be rewarding and exciting. It’s our job to make sure we communicate our needs to our employers and property partners; to make sure you understand what is required of you as a business or property manager, here are five insider tips that your cleaning crews wish you knew.



  • Provide instructions up front


If there is a particular way you want something done, provide that information during your introductory meetings with your account representative. This will give your crew a clear sense of what is needed, how things should be cleaned, and any special requests that your property needs beyond what is normally included. 



  • Special jobs require dedicated time


General commercial cleaning services cover the basics; tasks outside of those covered in your general services — like scouring equipment, cleaning chandeliers, and scrubbing exterior windows — take a bit more work and can’t be completed at the same time. Additional solvents may be required, and specialized services take extra time. When you need something extra, call your service and request dedicated time and attention. 



  • Animal-friendly properties will take longer


It’s great for morale to allow dogs into the office, but for cleaning crews, your four-legged friends create a bit more work. Extra vacuuming and sweeping are required, as are sanitizing and trash removal — and, no one would want a pet to get sick from a non-animal-friendly cleaning solution. Make sure your commercial cleaners are aware of the situation, have agreed to the terms, and have enough time to get the job done right. 



  • Cancellations require notice


It happens: Weather and property emergencies may require your to close down unexpectedly. In the event these things happen, inform your cleaning company or property manager that you will not require cleaning services as soon as possible. It’s easier to plan for events like renovations or full-staff vacation weeks — make sure you give your service as much notice as possible so they can reallocate staff.



  • Please be kind and respectful


While commercial cleaning may not be the most glamorous job, these necessary services help keep businesses, restaurants, schools, etc. looking good and functioning properly. Practice kindness for your cleaners — a smile and greeting can go a long way. By respecting the job they do and understanding the importance of it, you will get more than just a clean property; you will have workers and services that enjoy doing the best job for you that they can.


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