The Aftermath: 7 Places to Clean After a Big Event

mop and cleaning

Event preparation is a huge process from start to finish, from decorating accordingly to inviting the right guests. In this stressful time, it can be easy to forget just how messy a corporate function can get. Oftentimes, this crucial part of event planning is even more taxing than the pre-party prep. But have no fear—we’ve got you covered, here are 7 of the top places to clean after the party is over and all guests are on their way.

1. Down with the Decorations

The first step to tidying up after a big event is removing all reminders that the event ever happened at all. So long party banners and festive balloons! Once all event accessories have been removed, you’ll find it much easier to dive right into the less-than-obvious spaces.


2.Furniture and Items for Storage

Start off by removing all obvious waste from the area. Throw out or recycle any disposable tableware, tablecloths, and extraneous waste from careless attendees. Disassemble any chairs, tables, or furniture that is no longer needed. Be sure to wipe down and sanitize all of these surfaces in preparation for storage or return. Wash, disinfect, and neatly pack up all reusable decorations, glassware, and anything else for later use.


3. Restrooms and Facilities

After a big event, it’s hard to imagine just how many people walked in and out of the restrooms in your building. Having a plan in place for post-event sanitation and hazardous waste-removal in your facilities is a huge part of the post-event cleaning process. Be sure to sanitize all smooth surfaces such as sinks and toilets, and replace all disposables such as toilet paper and paper towels.


4. The Kitchen and Food Stations

An event is only as good as the food they serve. Maintaining kitchen sanitation practices is crucial to preventing any fire hazards and foodborne illnesses. During the event, kitchen staff should practice good hygiene and cleaning regimens. Food should be properly stored and preserved accordingly. After the kitchen has closed, all appliances should be thoroughly cleaned, sinks freed from dishes, and all trash removed from the area. Counters should be wiped down to remove any lingering grease or particles, and all appliances should be turned off and unplugged.


5. Trash Receptacles and Waste Systems

Be sure to remove and replace trash bags in all trash cans throughout your venue, no matter how full. This will help prevent any potential waste hazards and lingering smells. If curbside pickup isn’t available for your business, you may need to contact an outside trash and debris-removal service to help. Helpful tip: plan out your waste removal process well in advance to prevent headaches from last-minute scheduling.


6. Floors and Surfaces

Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted surfaces, being sure to pick up any mud or dirt your guests may have tracked in. Sweep up any debris from all smooth surfaces and mop the entire area to bring dull floors back to life. Wipe all countertops, tables, and chairs with disinfecting wipes to eliminate bacteria, dirt, and grease. Helpful tip: use wet floor signs to allow the area to fully dry before use again to prevent footprints or scuffs.


7. Electronics and Potential Fire Hazards

In the throws of a big cleaning job, it’s easy to forget the little things and walk straight out the door in celebration. Make sure to double-check that all lights are off and temperature control is back to its normal setting. Finally, doing a quick scan of the area to make sure all unnecessary electronics are unplugged will save you money in the long-run and prevent any unnecessary fire hazards.


When everyone has left the building after a big event, the task of cleaning up can seem daunting and practically impossible. With Integrity Services, you don’t have to tackle the mess alone – we’re here to make post-event cleanup a breeze and ensure everything runs smoothly. Have an upcoming event? Call Integrity Services toll-free at 877-663-6766 or send us an email at to keep your space just as tidy as the day before!