Way More Than Housekeeping: The Parts of Your Hotel That Really Need Cleaning

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When it comes to hotel cleaning, good service goes way beyond housekeeping. There’s hidden dirt and dust lurking behind every corner, and you need a specialized team of cleaning experts to remove it. However, finding the appropriate team to restore and maintain the cleanliness of your hotel is no easy feat. Rest assured: we’re here to help you out by outlining the five major things every hotel owner should think about when looking for a hotel cleaning service.


1. Events: Before, During, and After

Being the host of an event is great for PR, but often leaves behind a seemingly endless mess. If you skimp on cleaning services, you’ll probably find yourself pulling New Year’s confetti out of an untouched vent months later. Having an on-call janitorial service to help you deep-clean your hotel after an event is crucial to maintaining both your customer satisfaction. From kitchen surfaces to trash pickup, a good cleaning crew should use environmentally-safe chemicals to sanitize and disinfect every surface, remove any pesky dirt, and demolish any lingering odors. 


2. Floors and Carpets 

From carpeting to stone, each floor type has to be maintained using special practices and unique cleaning solutions. There’s no one-size-fits-all to floor and carpet care, so it’s important to keep an eye out for janitorial services that specialize in doing it all. The more experienced they are in restoring various materials, the more likely they are to cater to your specific cleaning needs. Experience with floor-specific cleaning techniques, products, and services is key to finding the best team for the job.


3. Your Building’s Exterior: Walls, Windows, and More

The first thing your potential customer sees as they walk towards your building is the exterior—namely windows, walls, and siding. These surfaces are often forgotten and can quickly accumulate grime, especially when they are tall or just out of reach. Rest assured, a good industrial cleaning crew will have the machinery, tools, and solutions to bring dull and dirty walls back to life from top to bottom. 


4. Public Spaces: Lobbies, Pools, and Dining 

Your hotel sees a lot of foot traffic on a daily and weekly basis, from adults romping through with muddy boots to children touching all sorts of surfaces with germy hands. It may not be immediately apparent, but customers often notice everything in a potential home-away-from-home. Keeping up with the cleanliness of the public spaces in your hotel—the lobby, pool, and dining area—will set you apart from the competition. There’s nothing quite like a sleek lobby, refreshing pool, or sparkling clean dining area to dazzle guests.


5. Waste Treatment and Trash Management

Between guests and employees, your hotel likely accumulates lots of waste on a daily basis. A good cleaning team will have the skills to treat that waste and safely remove it. Not only that: they’re more than likely have connections to cheaper and better industrial waste removal partners. Leave trash and waste-management to the experts—they’ll ensure it is safely handled and that all receptacles remain sanitary and polished. 


Notice any uncleanly surfaces while reading this article? We’ve got you covered. From floor and carpet care to removing the evidence after a successful event, Integrity Services has the skills to handle any cleaning job out there. From servicing 50,000 square feet of adaptable venue space at The Westin O’Hare in Chicago to treating The Hyatt’s full-service 4-star hotel in Princeton, NJ, we have vast experience maintaining premium hotel chains across the country.


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