Dirtier Than You Think: How to Keep Your Space Germ-Free This Winter

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When you walk into your office for the day, you greet the secretary and walk upstairs to your desk to start the daily grind. In these few moments, you’ve likely accumulated flu-like bacteria somewhere on your hands, feet, or clothes. Although it’s unlikely that these bacteria will actually affect you in this short time, it’s important to make sure that proper preventative measures are taken to eliminate them from further spreading or making you sick. Nobody wants to get sick right before the holidays, and we’re here to provide you with three quick tips to get everyone home (and flu-free) to enjoy the festivities.

1. Promote Hand-Washing, Hand and Desk Sanitizing

The main culprit of germ-spreading are likely the surfaces you see as safe and cleanly. Think again — even your desktop contains 400 times the bacteria you’d find on the average toilet seat. Even worse still, if you share a computer with someone else, or your office regularly rotates workspaces, your “personal” space probably contains even more possibility for contamination.

Promoting hand-washing, the use of disinfecting wipes, and having an abundant supply of hand sanitizer is a good first step to flu-proofing your office. Providing antibacterial wipes for use on keyboards and mice is a huge stride to stop flu viruses in their tracks. You don’t have to live in a permanent cloud of Clorox disinfectant spray, but maintaining some level of desk hygiene will aid in getting you through any influenza outbreak.


2. Keeping All Door Knobs, Windows, and Office Surfaces Properly Sanitized 

It goes without saying that any doorknobs or elevator buttons are liable to be touched by hundreds – if not thousands – of germy hands on a daily basis. Multiply that by a few uses per individual and you’ve got an outbreak waiting to happen. Then, you can even further think about any hands or surfaces they’ve touched while in or out of the office. 

The public surfaces around your office need to be sanitized, washed, and wiped down regularly in order to prevent the spread of germs. While you can do this on your own if you have the time, hiring a cleaning service is your best bet to both save time and make sure you’re not missing any spots.


3. Maintaining Clean Vents, Air-Ducts, and AC Units

When you breathe, you probably don’t even think about where the air is coming from or how many germs it actually contains. However, the air vents, air-conditioners, and HVAC systems throughout your business are the perfect breeding ground for flu-like bacteria. Although you probably rarely blame flu symptoms on an untouched air vent, it may be the culprit behind the scratch in your throat. 

Replacing filters, removing dust and debris from compartments, and wiping down fan blades should be on your list of do-dos to successful remove any contaminants from these areas. It’s imperative that these tasks be completed on a regular basis to prevent excessive dust and poor air quality throughout your office as well.


Up to date on your flu-proofing for this winter season? With a busy work schedule, you may not have even had time to think about germs at all. That’s why we’re here — Integrity Services is dedicated to keeping your space as clean as possible, using only the most environmentally-safe cleaning products on the market. Getting the flu doesn’t have to be the reason you don’t get your annual report done in time. We want to help minimize stressful cleaning routines and tackle the root of the problem for you.

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