Keep Winter at Bay: Your Guide to Protecting Floors in the Harsh Winter Months

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Throughout the year, your flooring really takes a beating. From sandy toes in the summer to muddy boots in the fall, by the time winter rolls around you’re likely to have gotten a bit of wear and tear without proper care. While you may think water and salt couldn’t possibly impact the heavy-duty flooring in your space, just think about what the elements do to roads and sidewalks (huge pot-holes and degrading gravel). Not only is it important to employ a floor-cleaning routine to keep these harsh conditions at bay, but having an emergency floor-cleaning plan can drastically extend the life of those tiles or carpeting. Here are a few tactics to consider:


1. Remove Salt, Grime, Mud, and Chemicals

A pure white blanket of snow covering the nearby trees may look innocent and clean, but there is dirt and grime lurking just beneath the surface. Boots and shoes pick up this dirt while you trudge the twenty feet from your car to the front door. There’s no getting around it — if there’s foot traffic through your building, grime, dirt, salt, and snow are all going to be tracked throughout. 

The first step to a proper floor care plan is preventive measures. Buy a floor mat for people to wipe their feet on before entering the building. If you have an entryway — even better. Also, place one directly outside of the building for a dual-cleaning functionality. Try to minimize the amount of unnecessary work for yourself. A floor mat isn’t magically going to remove all pesky elements from your shoes, but it can go a long way in breaking off big chunks of snow or salt. 

The next step is employing a floor-cleaning plan to remove any particles that make it past the mat itself. This is going to require a bit more planning and work, but will ultimately lead to a set of floors that exudes both cleanliness and pride in your business. Things like sweeping and vacuuming salt as it comes through will help prevent scratches on wood or deeply-ingrained carpeting. Use a spot cleaner to treat tiles or other smooth surfaces and give your floors the glimmer you’ve always dreamed of. Finally, keeping up with any tracked-in grime will help to prevent damage to any floors before they can even occur. 

Although this step may seem like a long-haul, we’re here to help reduce the stress. Having a janitorial service take care of the problem for you removes just one more checkbox from your to-do list. Plus, they can help you to decide which spot cleaner is the right fit for your specific flooring and utilize industrial-sized vacuums to get deep into threaded carpets.


2. Put an End to Wet, Slippery Floors from Melting Snow 

Tracked-in snow on a wet day is similar to the action of someone continuously pouring cups of water all over your floors. If you can, get to the snow before it melts. Though this is a task easier said than done, you can quickly sweep snow back outside using a broom while it is still intact. Not to worry if you don’t see it in time — get a wet vacuum and absorbent towels ready to pick up any large spills. 

One of the best things you can do during any type of snowy conditions is maintaining a clean path for your guests (and yourself) to walk. When shoveling, be sure to remove as much snow and ice as possible. Try to get right down to the pavement, and lightly salt to melt the remainder. This will not only help prevent snow from being tracked in, but will ensure your guests are much happier and less likely to fall. Pairing a skillful shovel with waterproof textured matting is a great stride towards healthier (and cleaner) flooring. 


3. Attack Stains on Carpets and Damage to Textiles

When cold weather rolls around, always be sure to have a neutral spot-cleaner on hand. Hard-to-clean textiles and carpeting may become victim to the treads of boots and snow-melting chemicals. The sooner you notice a stain and start working, the more likely your efforts will be successful. Always be ready with a spray bottle and absorbent cloths. 

In the event of bigger damages, use an environmentally-safe cleaner, sponges, and towels to break through the dirt. Although you can tackle these stains on your own, a janitorial service is ultimately your best bed to consistency and preventing large strains from destroying your carpet. Integrity Services is fully equipped to handle any and all of your carpeting challenges throughout these chilly months. From spot-cleaning to vacuuming and removing moisture, we’ve got you covered.

Have you had the chance to start building your winter floor-cleaning plan? We want to help you get started today. There’s nothing worse than a dirty carpet when the New Year rolls around — and saving everything until the last minute can leave you with a giant mess or possibly irreversible damage. 

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