A Spotless Future for Hospitality and Corporate Culture

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The future is here, and how we define a happy and healthy environment has changed. The hospitality world is eager to welcome travelers back to their hotels for a relaxing stay, and restaurants look to reset for a more comfortable experience. Offices are ready to bring employees together once again meeting at conference tables, brainstorming, and resuming in-person productivity. Redefining employee and customer comfortability is central to forging ahead to normalcy, and regular sanitation is the new standard. While the vaccine has paved the way for a more relaxed approach to corporate culture and social interactions, an expectation of cleanliness has emerged even as things ease. The long-anticipated desires to return to normal come with a sanitation protocol for people to feel safe, and perception is paramount.

Adjust for the Future

Creating a comfort zone for employees to return to the workspace, vaccinated or not, means devising a new baseline for sustaining health and safety practices. Extreme hygiene will be the key ingredient to comfortability for the future of the hospitality industry and corporate culture. An effective custom is to broadcast the frequency of disinfection measures on collateral to lessen health concerns, and encouraging personal hygiene helps unify a commitment to public well-being. Flyers, notecards, and doorknob hangers, to name a few displays, have become essential communication gestures and strengthen the signal of “clean” without disrupting the workplace and guest experience.

The Case for Continued Extreme Sanitation

COVID-19 has affected human behavior, namely how people perceive what constitutes a clean and health-minded place. The psychology around comfort has shifted consciously and subconsciously on how clean an environment feels. People’s perceptions and knowledge of ‘sterilized’ and ‘disinfected’ have deepened, and organizations will need to lean into a robust protocol. Sanitation specialists can assess and determine required protocols to achieve specialized sanitation standards, including full building disinfection, increased cleaning frequency, and after-hours deep cleaning. Accessible hand sanitizer dispensers continue to be viewed as required staples to enable a community that contributes to overall health management.

Building Trust

Consumers and employees expect a higher level of sanitation service performed to feel trust in their physical environment. Integrity Services aims to exceed cleaning standards by ensuring that services are modeled specifically for your business needs to operate at a level that promotes comfort for business success. Our hotel and office cleaning services aim to relieve stress for business leaders, employees, and customers, as we share the common goal to resume regular and safe operations. To learn more about Integrity Services’ customizable services to address COVID-19 sanitation and disinfecting, click here. hello@stirlingbrandworks.com | (781) 369-5154 | Winchester, MA 2