Summer of CLEAN: The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Cleaning

Clean hotel pool area

There is a distinct feeling when entering a clean office, hotel, or any place of business — it consciously feels better and safer. How clean an environment is also reflects the values of a company by the consideration of its appearance. The sensitivity people have to their settings can be centered around the idea of cleanliness, as cleanliness reflects a certain level of care for the facility and those who inhabit it. This is the summer of clean, which we define as fulfilling a range of differentiated cleaning services for any business, and where nothing other than the highest of standards will do. As the summer carries on, we also realize the continued need to uphold an extreme cleaning focus as pandemic precautions persist. Our commitment to sanitation has not shifted. We want to demonstrate our values on the importance of what ‘clean’ means by exhibiting what your cleaner should and should not be doing. A meticulously clean summer is a safe summer for all.

Cleaning Frequency 

As identified, cleanliness communicates a level of attention and precision to maintain a business for its employees and clientele alike. The feeling of comfort originates from the cleaning frequency in which your company invests. Your professional cleaner should not minimize the importance of frequency and sell you on a reduced cleaning schedule to manage costs. It is more effective long-term to have regular cleaning to maintain a level of satisfaction and thoughtfulness. Cleanings also often occur after business hours; thus, the visibility into the level of service is not as apparent. With this in mind, your cleaner should provide transparency into frequency and perform follow-up inspections to ensure that the services implemented are meeting the requirements of your facility. A detailed log of cleaning should be present on-site to be able to review cleaning completion. The designated managers should visit the property and inspect that all services conducted are meeting expectations. Missing a scheduled cleaning is a serious ‘don’t’!

Every Surface Matters

We view all surfaces alike — as cleaning obligations. Your cleaner should not neglect any surfaces, especially when there is food or exercise equipment present. With people passing through offices, hotels, and restaurants, a lot is coming through the door at all times. Where there is a surface, there is a cleaning opportunity. In the instance of wanting to be more eco-friendly and use less harsh chemicals, this does not mean a surface can be neglected. 

Continuing Education & Plan Management

Reliability is a fundamental expectation when it comes to professional cleaning. We consider the time put forth towards continued education for both our staff and our clients helps to secure our status as reliable.  

As cleaning measures have evolved, including a new focus on eco products, your cleaner should consistently train staff on new cleaning methods, products, and equipment. Training should also integrate updating safety and health information. Additional training in some cases could include adopting more dependable technology platforms to better service accounts. Your cleaner should not disregard technology as an investment for a solution to better manage accounts and deliver a more efficient program.

In addition to cleaning service upgrades and training, your cleaning company should continually evaluate and advise its clients on best practices to make the most of the investment. Looking for ways to integrate greener products into cleaning programs should be a priority of your cleaner if that is what your business wants. Your account manager should not withhold new product information if it better suits your business needs. Your cleaning company should review your account and make the appropriate economic recommendations if your services need adjusting. And as always, your cleaner should provide very transparent billing of service fees.

Safety Communications

Your cleaner should care for you by investing in its people by verifying all aspects of staffing requirements, including background checks. It is vital for your cleaning company to put forth staff who are vetted and trusted. 

Your cleaner should be able to provide clear, public-facing communications about the services implemented. It goes a long way for people to see messaging with a clear stamp of clean approval. Not wearing a mask while in your place of business is a serious ‘don’t’ — in these times, all cleaners should be fully masked for safety and reinforce sanitation protocol. In addition, your cleaner should have specialized Covid-19 disinfection standards and message them clearly for all to see. 

Your professional cleaner should uphold the best practices possible at every corner.

Integrity Services created our level of conventions to allow us to have our eye on every aspect of our professional services. As there is no time like the present, this summer is the time to initiate a new standard for the future. Do reach out to our team to learn more about our customized cleaning programs that cater to your business needs.