NYC Hotels: Temporary Staffing Solutions

For New York City Hotels, COVID-19 poses a unique challenge for filling staffing positions. In many cases, there aren’t enough available hours to justify the return of regular in-house staff. An uncertain economy also means there is no guarantee that staffing needs won’t change in the near future.

Having a flexible staffing plan in place is a great way to get your hotel back up and running in these uncertain times.


Flexible Staffing to Get Your Hotel Back On Its Feet

Rather than forcing full-time employees back into an uncertain economic circumstance, opting for a temporary hotel staffing solution may help both parties avoid a lose-lose situation. Hotel staffing services also offer a bounty of unique benefits alongside limiting unnecessary economic distress on in-house employees:

  • Provide stability for your business and your employees.
  • Get a flexible budget of hours.
  • Find flexibility in uncertain times.
  • Find specialists in housekeeping, food services, sanitation, janitorial services & more.
  • Hire staff with thorough sanitizing expertise & experience.

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