COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist for Essential Businesses


Are you an essential business trying to maintain the safety of your clients and employees? If so, you’ve likely been racking your brain about how to start sanitizing your building to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Whether your business is currently operating on-site or working remotely, having a proper sanitization plan in place will help keep your business safe from the spread and prevent a future outbreak. Every building is at risk, so now is the time to take action. Below, we’ve provided a COVID-19 preventative checklist for essential businesses to fully deep clean their building and keep COVID-19 at bay.


1. Equipment

Arm your team with the proper gear and equipment to ensure their safety while cleaning. At the top of the list: disposable gloves and masks. Areas with higher chances of exposure may require more sophisticated equipment.


2. Identify High-Touch/ High-Traffic Areas

Determine the areas in your facility that are touched the most, then clean and disinfect them multiple times per day, potentially every hour. Remember, these may not always be large surfaces. Think: doorknobs, phones, chairs, light switches, etc. This infection is transferred through touch, so taking this step is critical.


3. Electronics

Properly clean and disinfect all your electronicscomputers, mice, tablets, touch screens and more. Adding a wipeable cover over your appliances is a great way to add an extra layer of security.


4. Bathrooms

This may be the most likely room where germs can spread, as people are touching their faces, blowing their noses, and—unfortunately—not always washing their hands. Wipe down and disinfect your bathrooms as many times per day as possible, preferably with the help of an On-Site Sanitation Specialist.


5. Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces

Wipe down and disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces: desks, tables, counters, faucets, sinks, etc. Note: just because it hasn’t been touched recently doesn’t mean it’s safe. Some studies suggest COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for several hours, and, in some cases, several days.


6. Soft, Porous Surfaces

Hidden in the fibers of your plush carpeting and decorative fabrics is a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to thrive. Clean, vacuum, and disinfect all soft, porous surfaces such as carpets and curtains. Begin by removing all contaminants and debris. Follow up by cleaning with a detergent and disinfecting with an agent appropriate for the given surface.


7. Linens and Textiles

Linens and textiles will be used frequently throughout the day, from hand-drying to surface-wiping. Be sure to launder all linens and textiles frequently utilizing hotter-than-normal water and detergent to kill any disease-causing bacteria. Allow the laundry to thoroughly dry on a high-heat setting to prevent any future bacteria growth.


8. Floors

If your business is still operating at this time, it’s important to note just how much dirt, grime, and bacteria is tracked in by any traffic in and out of your building. To prevent this bacteria from doing damage, maintaining a preventative floor cleaning routine is critical. Remove visible debris, wash the entire floor using hot, soapy water, and disinfect the entire surface to stop disease-spreading bacteria in its tracks. 


Don’t take any chances. Eliminate the risk of COVID-19 with an On-Site Sanitation Specialist.

With incoming clients and projects, you probably don’t have much time to allocate to deep-cleaning the nooks and crannies of your building. That’s why we’re hereIntegrity Services is a highly skilled team of professionals to tackle the job for you. With certified COVID-19 Sanitation Specialists, you can rest assured knowing that every surface is safe and virus-free.


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