On-Site Sanitation Specialist: Your Ticket to Preventing and Eliminating COVID-19 from Your Building


As COVID-19 continues to spread, adopting a sanitization and cleaning plan is more important than ever. But to truly keep coronavirus at bay, you may want to consider hiring a professional On-Site Sanitation Specialist with the equipment, experience, and expertise to help your business achieve and maintain proper sanitation. 


Not sure if an On-Site Sanitation Specialist is right for your business? Check out the list of unique skills below to learn more about what they’ll bring to your workplace in this time of crisis.


Industry Qualifications

While your own staff or regular cleaning crew may meet all your typical cleaning needs, these teams likely do not have the qualifications or certifications in managing viruses and workplace contamination at this level of severity. An On-Site Sanitation Specialist is your key to utilizing proper virus-prevention methods, backed up by industry qualifications.


Proper Equipment

Managing the spread of COVID-19 through sanitization and cleaning requires access to high-grade equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. A sanitization specialist will utilize these tools to thoroughly deep-clean your workplace and keep themselves safe from infection or contamination. They will be equipped with cleaning-grade gloves, masks, and clothing for optimal Coronavirus prevention.


Adaptable Hours

When working with a cleaning team, funding and time may be your top concerns. With a sanitation specialist, you determine the budget of hours for the services provided. From daily preventative cleaning to after-hours deep cleaning and sanitizing services, our teams are built to be flexible.


Specialization in COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 is a unique situation and should be handled as such. The virus is easily spread and can survive on some surfaces for hours, days, and even weeks. A sanitation specialist knows how to handle such a contagious virus, is extensively trained in coronavirus-prevention protocols and has the skills to handle any situation from eliminating contaminants to handling an outbreak.



Your everyday cleaning crew likely does not have extensive training in end-to-end sanitation practices, particularly when it comes to disinfecting facilities. Bringing in an On-Site Sanitation Specialist means you can rest easy knowing that they’ll not only be deep-cleaning your workplace, but also properly sanitizing and cleaning every surface throughout your building.


Any Building, Any Time

Our team of highly-skilled specialists is able to work with any building to achieve long-lasting results. From restaurants to hotels to office spaces and more, our specialists have the expertise to handle any situation and maintain any workplace to help you beat COVID-19.


As the virus continues to impact businesses across the country, it’s important to take every step possible to ensure that your business is safe from harm. Don’t wait—stop COVID-19 in its tracks with our team of highly-skilled sanitation specialists at your side.


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